Episode Two- The Fires- Front Cover

And thus we come to Episode/Book Two…

Some promises are hard to keep…

gate edit(halfwaythere)(final)

When Team Atlantis, along with their new fifth team member Lieutenant Kenmore, make good on one of the promises Richard Woolsey bargained for on their behalf during the trial conducted by Pegasus Galaxy’s fledgling Federation of Planets, they are in for their toughest challenge yet.

The team is on a low key mission to bring food and medical supplies to a world ravaged by the Hoffan virus.  There they are met with giant bonfires of dead bodies.  Tensions become high when Lieutenant Kenmore barrels into the funerals and starts pulling bodies out of the fires.  When the team confronts her, they discover that the bodies are not dead but still alive, and those aren’t the only people being burned alive.

As the team tries to tend to survivors, they encounter the people’s leader:  Shiana, Leader of one of the Tribes of Santhal and the only judge at the trial to vote the team guilty and ardently so.  The already present animosity between Shiana and Atlantis reaches fever pitch when Kenmore starts taking Shiana head on.  Just when Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard hits his boiling point with both women, the Wraith show up…

How much can a strained alliance take before it snaps?

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