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Mid-season Hiatus

Yes, the title of this post is right.  In keeping with treating this fan-fiction blog as close to a true continuation of the television series, a hiatus is called for at the mid-season mark.  Two weeks.  Last week I didn’t … Continue reading

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Publishing correction

For some reason, I hadn’t realized that the posting of Chapter Eight didn’t go through yesterday and have ended up accidentally publishing Chapter Nine before Chapter Eight for the story “Home Again, Part One”.  My apologies for the confusion.

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Making New Connections

I’ve returned from Creation Entertainment’s Chicago Stargate Convention and as so many friends told me to do, I have finally signed up for Facebook.  So if anyone cares, you can find me there under my name Samantha Padilla, which is … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace Our Wonderful Girl

This is not Stargate related, but it is very dear to me and I beleive it needs to be posted. A couple of days ago a dear family friend, a good friend of my niece’s for over ten years was … Continue reading

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Not the usual, but still important!!!

Although I’ve already posted this week’s chapter of story, I just checked my e-mail and found some disturbing news for anyone who’s a Stargate fan. It’s heartbreaking to report to the fandom that comes to this site that Creation Entertainment has … Continue reading


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Episode One- The Fifth- Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten The hallway was plain as hallways go.  It wasn’t exactly as plain Jane as the ones from upstairs though.  No doors, no windows, concrete materials, yes, but there are also blocks of bright white lights on the ceiling, … Continue reading

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