Episode Three- The Ruins- Front Cover

(This story is the idea that won me First Prize at Creation Entertainment’s Vancouver Stargate 2010 Convention.)

There are secrets hidden in…

gate edit(asgardteyla)(final)

Following two tense missions, Atlantis’ Commander Richard Woolsey orders his flagship team and their new fifth team member on what should be a quiet mission, check out a potential Beta Site.

However, tensions run higher than ever before when Lieutenant Ursula Kenmore goes rogue again and leads the team to a different planet entirely, Athosia.  And things only go from bad to worse on the homeworld of beloved Expedition member Teyla Emmagan when Lieutenant Kenmore and Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard are abducted.

Without hesitation, Teyla, Ronon Dex, and Doctor Rodney McKay go after their teammates and in doing so they’ll discover even more secrets kept from them about the Ancients that once inhabited their city, how the Lieutenant’s unique DNA came to be, and an even darker and greater secret that Teyla Emmagan has desperately wanted to know since she was a child…what really happened to her father!

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  1. Richard says:

    This sounds terrific.

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