Not the usual, but still important!!!

Although I’ve already posted this week’s chapter of story, I just checked my e-mail and found some disturbing news for anyone who’s a Stargate fan.

It’s heartbreaking to report to the fandom that comes to this site that Creation Entertainment has announced that this year’s (2013) Stargate Convention will be it’s second to last.  Next year’s (2014) will be it’s last Stargate Convention ever!

It’s a sad day for the fanbase.  To lose our favorite franchise on television and in the movies, and now to lose our convention as well…

Why?  I don’t know.  We’ve always been incredible at keeping the flame alive.  Now we have another depressing countdown on our hands.

To all the many, many friends I’ve made at the conventions.  Please contact me.  I know this means we most likely won’t be able to see each other anymore, but please, please let’s stay in touch.

Please everyone, comment your hearts out here and at  I think upon hearing this we all need to vent.  The main thread is in the General Stargate Discussion (aka “The General’s Office”) part of the Forum, but you can also comment in the Forum’s of your favorite Stargate shows in their News sections.

Trust me, we’re all hurting now.

P.S.- “All good things must come to an end” sucks!!!!!

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