Episode Four- Veritas- Acknowledgments


At the end of this story I can’t help but feel that somehow I rushed it.  I’m going on vacation soon and the last few pages of this story from when the missing team members return to the end feel like I really didn’t draft them well.  Only time will tell as well you the readers, but as I learned once from another writer sometimes you just have to let stories go no matter how many drafts you do of them.  So I’m letting this one go.  Readers please judge.  And now I come to the part of all my stories where I give thanks to everyone and everything that helped in its creation and research.  First, I’d like to thank the writers and creators of the game Zork Nemesis.  Their influence is painfully clear and helped me flesh out the history and culture of the Athosian people let alone their star system as well as fleshing out the darker sides of the Ancients and the Pegasus Galaxy Asgard.  For that I will be forever grateful because it’s a story arc that will continue beyond this story.  Next I’d like to thank, in order of the story’s chronology, all those who contribute to the Stargate Wiki especially the pages about the City of Atlantis’ piers so that I could identify where certain locations are for this story since the story takes place for the most part solely in the city.  A big thanks to the NASA website for it’s information on why planets have seasons and days and nights that I used here for Athosia.  I gave the sun of the Athosian star system the name of Veron in of Teyla Emmagan actress Rachel Luttrell’s mother Veronica MakihiyoShenkunde Luttrell.  I figure that since all we know of Athos, or Athosia, really comes from Teyla, that the basis of the Athosian star system should be important people in Rachel’s life and considering that the Athosian culture is supposed to be matriarchal then I figured that many of those people and their subsequent planetary bodies should predominantly be women.  And the center of those women, more like their start, would be their mother, the sun.  The one exception would be the one planet thought of as masculine in the Athosian star system, a desert planet over which a massive holographic battle is taking place, is named after Rachel Luttrell’s husband stuntman Lloyd Bateman and I added a part of their son Caden Dar’s name into to it too.  The ocean planet I named after Amanda Luttrell, one of Rachel Luttrell’s sisters.  I looked up the meaning of her name and thought it would work beautifully with an ocean.  The fire planet of the Athosian star system I named after Erica Luttrell, one of Teyla Emmagan actress Rachel Luttrell’s sisters.  Again I thought it made a powerfully wonderful name for a planet that Rodney argues should be named Mustafar after the volcano planet in STAR WARS Revenge of the Sith.  I named the ice planet of the Athosian star system that was featured heavily in my previous story “The Ruins” after Teyla Emmagan actress Rachel Luttrell’s sister, Gillian.  I thought of a way it could be altered to be the name of something else and thought that something that sounded so calm and soothing and pretty applied to a place known to be so terrible would be another horrible thing for the Athosians to realize, another underhanded thing that the Ancients did to them.  Another thanks goes to Brad Wright and Carl Binder for the great story of the Stargate Atlantis Second Season Episode “Critical Mass” as well as actress Rachel Luttrell and Brenda McDonald, the actress who played Charin, for their portrayals of their characters during that fantastic episode.  With the establishment of Teyla not having good cooking abilities, I could only think of this episode to refer back to in this moment of cooking talk and other things that plague Teyla’s mind in this talk between Lieutenant Kenmore and she.  Huge thanks and gratitude go out to Sarah Strange for her portrayal of Ganos Lal/Morgan LeFay.  I adored this character so much throughout her appearances with the SG-1 team and since the first Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1 crossover episode was partially centered around this character, Ganos was my first thought for the Ancient in this story.  After all she was in city of Atlantis.  Much thanks to Stargate Atlantis Visual Effects artists Krista McLean and Jonathan MacPherson for their work on the series as the Playback Supervisor/Matte painter and Visual Effects On-set Technician/Visual Effects Assistant, respectively.  I took a few liberties with you two in turning both of you into characters in the Stargate universe, including perhaps changing up your nationalities and giving you accents that you perhaps do not have.  Hope you enjoy it.  As usual my final thanks goes to the person who first put a pen in my hand and encouraged me to write.  Thank you Mommy, it’s a blast.

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