Episode Seven- Home Again, Part One- Front Cover

Happy Halloween everyone!  Hope you are all having a blast this cosplay night!  And with that said, it’s trick and treat night.  The not so great “trick” part is that there is no cover art for this story because I’ve somehow misplaced my Photoshop disc and thus can’t put it on my new laptop to open up the cover art for this story or upload it to this site.  If all else fails, I’ll simply buy a new Photoshop program and, either way, edit this post later to include the image for everyone’s viewing pleasure.  But till then, the “treat” part is that I’m still going to publish the tagline for this story as well as it’s synopsis.  Hope everyone enjoys!


Something wicked this way comes.

[insert cover art here]

The Lost City gets a new visitor in clone Jacob Carter and his symbiot Selmak bearing important information from the Tok’ra.  A Goa’uld mothership is slowly making it’s way to the Pegasus Galaxy.

Atlantis Expedition Commander Richard Woolsey quickly dispatches Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard’s team with Jacob to check things out.  When they arrive, they discover that Ha’tak’s practically a ghost ship, completely unmanned but with an unusual cargo of tanks of symbiots.

Seeking to cover as much ground as possible , the team breaks up into two groups with the goals of finding out what happened to the mothership’s crew and why it has tanks of symbiots aboard.  These questions get quickly set aside, however, when Doctor Rodney McKay suddenly turns on his team and fatally shoots Ronon Dex.

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