Episode Seven- Home Again, Part One- Acknowledgements


I guess I don’t already have to tell that there was a lot of SG-1 love going on in this story… But I couldn’t help it. With introducing a character that has her roots in SG-1, I eventually found myself wanting a story that had its roots in it too. A crossover sort of thing. I wanted an SG-1 villain to come wreak havoc in the lost city just to see how it would take the people of Atlantis out of their comfort zone (and a little bit of I thought the Atlantis Season Two episode “Critical Mass” had great potential but didn’t go far enough). And in mulling over the numerous villains SG-1 has had over the course of ten years and two, almost three (take a hint studios) movies, I immediately eliminated those that I couldn’t fathom a possible reason for them going to the Lost City (i.e. any Ba’als that might still be out there), but then I narrowed it down to either the Ori or one Goa’uld in particular. But when I was trying to come up with story ideas with either one, the Goa’uld just made my mind take off. Sometimes the stories just write themselves. And when I thought of this story, I found out that there was a way to bring back one of my favorite, if not my ‘the’ favorite, recurring SG-1 character for help and backup. I couldn’t resist, I love Jacob Carter/Selmak and I love Carmen Argenziano. So “Atlantis Only” people just bare with me, like I said there’ll be a lot of SG-1 love going out here, probably much more than Atlantis kudos. But I’m going to do my thanks in order of story chronology so…  First of all I’d like to thank Damian Kindler and everyone involved with the making of Atlantis’ Season Two “Trinity” episode for what it did for Ronon’s character, his past, and his memories and for the introduction of his commanding officer, Kell. It helped a lot to be able to elaborate on Ronon’s thoughts and feelings about Jacob Carter and Jacob’s relationship with Lieutenant Kenmore. Then thanks to the onset photographers (I’m sorry I don’t actually know your name(s)) for their capturing of David Hewlett’s portrayal of Rodney in the Atlantis episodes “Progeny” (Season Three) and “Lifeline” (Season Four), there are moments here that contributed to the appearance of Rodney in emotionally sympathetic moments; for the capturing of Jason Momoa as Ronon in the Season Four episode “Adrift”, thank you both for capturing a side of Ronon we don’t normally get to see (it helps a lot in a mostly silent character like him to show the private moments and allowing for expansion on that); and for the capturing of Joe Flanigan’s performance as Sheppard in the Third Season episode “Tao of Rodney”, especially the moment when Rodney collapses in John’s quarters and the look on Sheppard’s face as he bends over Rodney is to me one of the most pinnacle moments of how that character leads and views his team, it’s the measure of the man. Thank you. Thanks also goes out to Ryan “Stitch” Nixon for his help on knowing the heft of Ronon’s gun. Knowing someone who works with these weapons and actually gets his hands on them really helps for accurate information like this, it always helps to be accurate and not disappoint the fans of this character and this weapon who know this stuff like the back of their hands (I know who these Gateworlders are, it was great talking with you and I hope I represented y’all right, if not let me know on Gateworld.net). Thanks to the set designers and the people who worked on the SG-1 episode “Off the Grid” for what a Goa’uld computer console and “computer room” looks like thanks to the character of Nerus going back to Ba’al and being put back to work basically immediately. Thanks to the Stargate Wiki and all those who contribute to it for the identification of the Stargate Teams of Cheyenne Mountain, especially SG-25 as the all Army team of the SGC. The information in my personal collection of everything Stargate didn’t have this so I’m really grateful you and your contributors do. Thanks everyone. My appreciation also goes out to Carl Binder for writing the Stargate Atlantis First Season episode “Before I Sleep” for that moment of Weir telling Rodney how he died the first “time” and Sheppard ripping on Rodney for it. And to actors David Hewlett and Joe Flanigan for their performances and embodiment of these characters in that moment and made it both amusing and quintessentially those characters’ friendship. I also appreciate regular Wikipedia for what the definition of “point blank range” actual is. I’d also like to thank those that contributed to this article on the site for its accuracy. It was really interesting and informative. My next thanks goes to Wray Douglas, Michael S. McLean, James Tichenor, Diane Panozzo, Michelle Comens, and Shannon Gurney as well as Rainmaker Digital Pictures, Northwest Imaging & FX, and Image Engine Design Inc., basically everyone even remotely associated with the special effects of the Fourth Season SG-1 episode “Double Jeopardy” for the scene in which Android Carter takes out the mothership computer crystals and that moment showing what color those sort of Goa’uld mothership forceshields look like. There have been so many Goa’uld shields of so many different colors over the show’s run that I just wanted it to be right and in keeping with canon established by the show. Special and huge gratitude goes out to Damian Kindler again for his writing of the Stargate Atlantis Season 2 episode “The Long Goodbye” for one of the funnest episodes of that season as well as the entire series that didn’t actually include Rodney on Sheppard’s team and making it possible for me to have all the references to this episode I’ve made in this story and for helping and allowing me to take Team Atlantis (at least part of them) up against Anubis and Rodney. Thank you so much, really there isn’t enough appreciation and gratitude to give to you here for so such a wonderful episode. And thanks to K. Stoddard Hayes for compiling the article “The A to Z of Teal’c” in Stargate SG-1/Atlantis Magazine Issue #10 in which the letter S is represented by the word Shol’va and showing whether the word is capitalized or not. I’ve seen it done so many different ways that I’m going to take yours as the definitive. I am also much obliged to the set workers Bridget McGuire, Ricardo Spinacè, Mark Davidson, Robert Davidson, Derick McLeod, David W. Sinclair, John Hamilton, Kaayla Ryane-Valleau, and writers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie of the Season Six SG-1 episode “Descent” for helping me make sure that the crystal slats in the computer panels in the hallways of a Goa’uld mothership were accurate descriptions here in this story, especially for who the Goa’uld bad guy turns out to be. And thank you to my friend Pam McLoed for helping me figure out the timing of a belly wound and whether or not it worked in this story, your medical skills here were invaluable. Thank you. I’d also like to thank Brad Wright, the writer(s) of the Fifth Season Episode “The Shrine”. Even though it is a Rodney McKay heavy episode and in my opinion the best Rodney episode of the entire series, it is also an episode that reveals so much of the personality and personal character of Jennifer Keller and speaks to the way she thinks and how deeply she feels for Rodney. It’s a beautiful episode for both characters and I think it’s one that will and should always be a part of them. Thanks you so much for it. I assure you, I’m blowing a kiss to you for that one. I have to give out a lot of lovin’ to the SG-1 Season Eight episode “Lockdown”’s writers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, again, and everyone associated with that for those moments I have Lieutenant Kenmore recall and for the inspiration that this episode was. Really, when thinking of an SG-1 villain to bring over to Atlantis for a bit of fun and interest, I couldn’t think of anyone better than the infamous Anubis character. What better than a castdown Ascended being to wreak havoc in the Lost City of the Ancestors? And when I saw this episode repeating one day on TV, I knew how to do it and bring back such a great friend to the Stargate family as well in Carmen Argenziano’s beloved character of General Jacob Carter/Tok’ra elder Selmak. Thank you all so much. And thanks to Robert C. Cooper for writing the SG-1 Season Nine episode “Origin” as well as all the cast and crew for their work on it. It was a great new story for the Stargate franchise and for ­SG-1 specifically. And it helped a lot to establish the little things Kenmore knew from her time at the SGC and helped be a great transition thing for her mind to flicker to in her moment of realization. It was awesome. And as always my final thank you goes to my Mom for her love and support and for being the first person to give paper and pencil and telling me to go have an adventure. I’m so happy and excited you come along for the ride each and every time Mommy as always my first editor. I love you. And I’m so grateful for and to you.

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