Episode Eight- Home Again, Part Two- Front Cover

(Because I screwed up last week by accidentally posting this week’s post last week, I will make the correction by posting what was supposed to be last week’s posting this week.  And my Photoshop disc is still missing so I still haven’t been able to download the cover photo for this story so this will be edited in the future when I do find or buy a new Photoshop to go on my new computer.)

Something wicked this way comes…

Home Again

Part Two of Two

[Insert cover photo here, eventually]

After realizing Anubis is headed for the city, the Expedition immediately evacuates all non-essential personnel.  Leaving only a skeleton crew to defend her.

It quickly becomes a waiting game and a matter of what to do next.  Many options are on the table including interrogating Doctor Rodney McKay even as he’s losing his battle against the severe radiation poisoning that comes with being a host to Anubis.

While Ronon Dex, Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard, Doctor Jennifer Keller, and Teyla Emmagan try to protect their friend against Lieutenant Ursula Kenmore and Major Evan Lorne, Atlantis’ fate hangs in a precarious balance.  In the end who will be trapped in the city:  those that stayed behind to save her or the evil heading her way?

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